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17th October 2011

Exotic Asian dishes are a popular choice with budding chefs trying out new recipes at home, and Merchant Gourmet has created a new product that’ll take this cooking-style to the next level!

Merchant Gourmet’s new Spiced Black Rice Vinegar is a vibrant and versatile ingredient created by blending an exotic mix of Asian spices. Slowly infused with cinnamon, aniseed, liquorice, peppercorns and orange peel, the vinegar can be used to add a unique sweet and aromatic twist to a variety of dishes. If you’re looking to add the unmistakable taste of Asia to your cooking, then this is a must-have product.

Rich, tasty and satisfyingly sweet, the vinegar gives the humble stir fry stacks of flavour. It also delivers a delicious Asian kick when used as a dipping sauce or a marinade for Chinese-style pork ribs.

Merchant Gourmet’s Spiced Black Rice Vinegar isn’t just limited to savoury dishes. The candied tones of orange and cinnamon mean this vinegar can be used in sweet dishes too. Try it drizzled over cool, creamy vanilla ice cream for a new taste experience.

Sanjay Davda, Retail Controller at Merchant Gourmet said “Our brand new Spiced Black Rice Vinegar is all about adding exciting Southeast Asian flavours to the popular meals we eat at home. It’s amazingly versatile too. Great as a dipping sauce but the aromatic flavours also add depth to simple meals like stir-fries. Or for something a little different, it works as a surprising contrast in hot desserts or drizzled over ice cream.”

Merchant Gourmet’s Spiced Black Rice Vinegar will be available to purchase in Waitrose (RRP £3.99). This Asian delight is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

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