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Bri-Tal (Foods) are at the forefront of sourcing and supply of frozen and ready to eat Mediterranean foods.

Speciality Bread

Their IQF frozen “thaw and serve” range covers popular bread types as well as a wide range of lesser-known regional Mediterranean specialities. Most of the breads are sourced from the major durum wheat growing areas of Mediterranean, providing UK food processors and the catering sector with authentic Mediterranean products manufactured in the traditional Mediterranean way.

Pasta & Complete Meals

The Bri-Tal pasta range includes a wide variety of shapes, sizes and flavours, filled and unfilled pre-cooked IQF fresh pasta as well as a range of dried pasta products. Most of the pastas can be customised to meet specific product requirements.

Chargrilled Mediterranean vegetables

Bri-Tal uses only the best Mediterranean vegetables - grown in the Mediterranean sun - which means they are always bursting with flavour.


Black Garlic starts life as premium quality white garlic but, after gentle heating and a little time, its cloves become sweet, dark and jellied . This is achieved through the fermentation process only; there are no additives, but Black Garlic has twice the antioxidants of normal garlic, is low in fat, rich in natural sugars and leaves no smell or bad breath.

Black Garlic’s ease of use and unique flavour profile make it the perfect ingredient to give recipes the ‘wow-factor’ It is availble in a ready to use Black Garlic bulbs in a pouch and Black Garlic puree in a quick application tube.


For 8 generations the Woodall family has been innovating using traditional curing and smoking methods to produce delicious British Charcuterie. Today we still continue to use the family’s original British recipes and skills mastered since 1828.

By carefully selecting and butchering perfect cuts of British pork, we’ve created our unique range of air-dried hams and salami. Each having distinctive flavour profiles with melt in the mouth textures.

A Story Worth Telling...
Throughout the years Woodall’s products featured on such august menus as the Titanic and Concorde, as well giving British adventurers a taste of home when they explored the world fuelling several Everest ascents.

Cumbrian Ham
Our original air-dried ham is traditionally hand cured using the Woodall family recipe; cured for 6 months creating a ham with a delicate, sweet flavour.

Black Combe Ham
Celebrating Britain’s long tradition of smoking hams, this is hand rubbed with a spiced dry cure mix, smoked over oak and air-dried for 6 months. This ham finds a perfect balance between being distinct and aromatic, but never overpowering.

Royale Ham
Adapted from an old Suffolk recipe this ham is pickled in a rich blend of Landlord Pale Ale, molasses, vinegar and brown sugar before being lightly smoked. The result is a wonderfully complex, rich, sweet flavour and melt-in-the mouth texture.

Smoked Pancetta
Unlike many other products on the market Woodall’s pancetta is traditionally matured over 55 days so it is perfect for cooking with but is also ready to eat, straight from the pack.

Cumberland Salami
Originating from the Cumberland sausage recipe that the Woodall family used for 8 generations, this sausage is cured for 6 weeks to create a ready to eat product with a unique, deep, rich flavour; a completely different taste experience from continental salamis and chorizos.


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